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9:00h - 00:00h

Take away

12:00h - 23:00h

Non-stop kitchen

9:00h - 23:00h

More than just a place to eat in Altea

We take care of every last detail

Have you tried our coffee yet? We serve it with a glass of water, a pot of cream whipped by us, and the milk is provided separately - so that you can add just the amount you like. If you need to charge your phone, we have a charger you can borrow, and if you bring your four-legged friend, we will offer them a bowl of fresh water.

Agile service

We are ready to serve you efficiently, even if there is a queue when you're here. We are super organised when it comes to helping and serving you.

Always happy

People are the most beautiful asset at díferens, which is why we place special emphasis on our relationship with you to make you happier. Because joy is contagious.

Our team

Our purpose is very clear: to ensure that you enjoy your Díferens Moment, and have it become unforgettable. That's why we do everything we can to make that happen. At Díferens, couples have become engaged, friends have been reunited... it makes us very happy to be a place where these things happen and, as a team, we work hard to ensure that these memories can take happen here.

Wide variety

On our menu you'll find dishes that you can enjoy at any time of the day, simple and homemade, just delicious! We don't offer just one type of cuisine, at Díferens we offer a bit of everything, except paellas and pizzas, which other restaurants in Altea do fantastically.

Guaranteed enjoyment

If something wasn't to your liking or as you had expected, our team will find a way to resolve it. Just tell us! We're all HUMAN.

Long hours and non-stop kitchen

We are your meeting point in the port of Altea, offering a non-stop kitchen service, 15 hours a day, seven days a week. Because there's no time limit on enjoyment. time limit on enjoyment

Altea Lovers

If Díferens was anywhere else, it wouldn't be the same. The breeze from Altea, the sea, its culture, the town, and the people, make Díferens, different.

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Outdoor seating facing the port of Altea

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